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My courses cover a wide range of genres, including rock, blues, fingerstyle, and more. Through our structured program, you’ll develop essential techniques, deepen your understanding of music theory, and explore creative improvisation.

Rock Guitar Academy provides a supportive and encouraging environment where you can hone your skills and unleash your true potential. Whether you dream of rocking the stage or simply want to master the guitar for personal enjoyment, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery

Introducing “Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery: The Path to Excellence in Fingerstyle Guitar,” a comprehensive book that will guide you on a transformative journey to master the art of acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Carefully structured as a progressive study program, this book will lead you step-by-step to achieve a level of excellence in this captivating genre of music.


  1. Technique: Gain complete mastery of fingerstyle guitar technique.

  2. Groove: Discover the inner groove that brings a smile to your face as you play.

  3. Creativity: Unlock the endless possibilities of the acoustic guitar.

  4. Musicality: Develop your own unique musical taste and expression.

  5. Enjoyment: Experience the joy of playing enjoyable and entertaining exercises and songs right from the very first lesson.


“Every guitarist can benefit immensely from studying fingerstyle guitar. Being able to simultaneously play melody, bass, accompaniment, and percussion not only brings great satisfaction but also makes you a versatile guitarist. Once you have mastered this technique, traditional guitar playing will become much easier. Imagine the journey you are about to embark on as a “super training” that will enhance your skills in any musical genre you already play.

I have written this book based on my years of intensive study, including everything I know about fingerstyle guitar and more! Within these pages, you will find valuable insights to improve your musicality and maximize your musical talent. All the material presented here has been tested for years on hundreds of students, whose invaluable feedback has helped me refine and enhance it.

“Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery” is not just a book; it is your roadmap to becoming an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist. Start your journey today and unlock the true potential of your musicality and guitar playing abilities.” (Available in Italian)

Discover my guitar video courses! With a structured approach and engaging lessons, these courses cater to beginners and experienced players alike. Join a thriving community of guitar enthusiasts and unlock your full potential. Enroll today! (Available in Italian)




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